Saturday, 20 October 2012


Resistance Brief from Libya on 20 October 2012

Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm

Here is evidence to the injury and death to the civilians of Bani Walid by nato's death squads and the junta in Libya.

This is the information I have received from numerous Libyan contacts both inside and outside the country.

There have been big explosions at the Mitiga International Airport next to Tripoli, rumoured to be connected to the resistance against the seige of Bani Walid, a town near Tripoli of over 80,000 people which has become the hub of the new Libyan Revolution, or what I prefer to call the Thawra Asli, ie., the Real Libyan Revolution.

In solidarity with the Bani Walid resistance the Wershafana tribe took control of a military base near Tripoli and closed the highway there.

There are reports of clashes taking place at the Rixos Hotel in Tripoli, again a response to the siege of Bani Walid.

In Bani Walid itself, the resistance has captured 14 armed vehicles from nato's death squads (grossly misnamed the 'rebels' by some).

And thus far, the death squads from Misrata have been defeated by the resistance in Bani Walid.

While the nato junta in Libya are reeling and shocked by the defiance and strength of the resistance, they and their nato masters have been putting out quite pathetic psychological white-ops reports of the supposed capture of Moussa Ibrahim, former Jamahirya press spokesperson, and Khamis Gaddafi, who has been reported captured and killed innumerable times.

This all points clearly to the fact that the nato Libyan junta and reeling and scrambling to get a hold on the situation.

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