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Magdulien Abaida, nato collaborator targeted by nato proxy death squads in Libya

Libya and the true nature of the white man
How the bbc helps to create disaster and then postures as the white saviours for those victim to the disaster they created

Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm
09 Dec 2012

This is a critique of a bbc report on a young Libyan woman and her plight from a nato-backed 'women's rights activist' to having ha to flee Libya for britain. Readers should be aware that the bbc is currently deeply implicated in a paedophile ring scandal in which they have been complicit for many decades also implicating the police and nhs and other sections of the british elite in this institutional paedophile abuse.

The bbc never had any legitimacy report on the human rights of other peoples and other government's policies on human rights etc, nevertheless despite all these scandals that the bbc is under most of the british public goes along with their lies and manipulation as well as the propaganda from the rest of the mainstream which is similarly implicated in massive corruption with the police.

Even putting my political views aside, these scandals prove these institutions to be corrupt to the core, that they have always been of this nature and some of this reality is coming to light. 

This of course does not stop the bbc for continuing to do the dirty work of the british state, and continues to push the brit white imperialist agenda throughout the world, including in relation to Libya.

While the nato channel al-jazeera has been cited by the brit white power structure to have been fundamental to its war victories in Libya, the bbc has played a similar role of justifying and covering for the escalating violent british foreign policies.

This news piece featured by the bbc (posted at towards the end of this article) is illustrative of the tactics that the brits use against us. Their whole state apparatus - the armed forces, various branches and factions of their intelligence services, media and government - are arrayed against the whole GlobalSouth, and Libya in this case. They use so-called human rights organisations such as amnesty and human rights watch to promote every 'white man's burden' argument for nato terrorism. In this piece we have white imperialist loyalists in brown skins bemoaning the devastation that has resulted in Libya thanks to nato and their allied and proxy death squads and agents in Libya. 

amnesty know very well what nato does to any country that is unfortunate enough to suffer its attacks, and after Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq, everyone in the world knows that "the greatest purveyor of violence in the world" (Dr Martin Luther King) is the western white imperialist power structure. While the researcher for north African affairs Diana el Tahawy of amnesty is giving some correct details of what is taking place in Libya in this bbc piece, what she cannot mention and will not mention is that her organisation gave full support to nato in preparing the public for accepting enthusiastically the bombing of an African, Muslim and Arab country for five months by promoting every lie that came out of the mouth of the devils running this state. Lies such Gaddafi bombed his people from the air and the lie that there were African mercenaries fighting of Gaddafi, the latter lie was the mainstream media's basis for facilitating the mass persecution and lynching of Libyan Black and non-Libyan Black Africans by the death squads.

It is typical of the white imperialist power structure of the west to use 'natives' to promote their own empire agenda, to try and confuse people from the reality that is is the white man's primary interests to devastate our nations and peoples by throwing some pennies at the feet of Black and Brown peoples. 

This twisted manipulation first uses non-white people to promote your the white empire agenda and then again using non-white people to bemoan that the result of this agenda has been total trauma, and then again to use non-white people to show how incapable and savage non-whites are to further deepen white imperialist control of our affairs, peoples and nations. 

And so often the white man will always use the Black and Brown woman to prove this point, and in so doing adding in a deep white supremacist misogynistic twist to the whole situation while pretending that the the white man really cares for and is the saviour of the Black and Brown woman when really he is the biggest looter, rapist and promoter of genocide that has ever existed in the history of humankind as evidenced by the countless crimes of the europeans across the three continents which they have yet to admit to, apologise for, and compensate for, all things that will only happen by means of our own Brown and Black Power struggles.

There is also the problematic dynamic in left circles of too many Black and Brown people allowing white activists to develop a greater, more celebrated and important voice than our own people in our nations, struggles and regions. The whites end up having more important voices and roles than our own people, and the whites get away with using their privilege to bolster their own careers while never focusing on where they could be most useful which is working with their other compatriot whites to fight white supremacy and to focus on fighting their own white imperialist governments. I mention this to make clear that white power privilege is not just conducted by the white imperialists but is also evident in anti-imperialist circles with little or no coherent and constructive critique that on the one hand doesnt white wash these activists and on the other hand doesnt denigrate any role that whites can play in the struggle to end white supremacy and imperialism. I will revisit this particular topic soon more thoroughly.

Featured in the bbc piece is a young Libyan woman of 25yrs of age, Magdulien Abaida (pictured above). She was a liberal supporter of the nato and allied operation against the Libyan Jamahirya. Abaida seems to think womens rights can be achieved on the basis of Libya's former colonisers blitzing the country for five months, nevertheless, she promoted "women's rights" in the new nato regime in Libya, and for this she was kidnapped twice and beaten over night, one of those occasions she clearly feared for her life, by one of the hundreds of death squads that operate wantonly in Libya today. The bbc piece is a human story focused on her experience but raises a whole number of highly problematic dynamics.

In the bbc news item we have the typical dynamic of the white imperialist man coming to the aide of and 'saving' the poor native woman. As in the case of Ali Ismail Abbas whose limbs were blown off by the yanks and brits bombing of Iraq, the exact same people who killed his family and destroyed his limbs were the same who postured as the human rights saviour of the same young man! Not many have commented on the depraved nature of this case, but this dynamic of the aggressor posing as the saviour to he ictims of the aggression is often repeated as in the case of Libya whereby white imperialism has destroyed Libya, white imperialism always knew what they were bringing to Libya after overthrowing Gaddafi and then profess to be sympathetic to the same people, in this case Abaida, who suffers from the very people who are not pretending to sympathise with her. Abaida herself probably does not want to see it in this way, but its obvious to anyone who is not bought or corrupted by the white man that this is exactly what the case is.

The bbc presenter, who cant hide his the partonising white colonial nature of his body laguage in reltion to Abaida, states that Abaida is very thankful for britain giving her asylum, ie., we are encouraged as viewers to thank the very same people who has put Abaida and the whole of Libya in this disaster. 

So as to ensure that no viewer is left with the impression that actually Libya is not more free but a total comparative hell as compared to the peace and progressive policies of the Gaddafi government, the bbc rolls out another Libyan woman - Sara Maziq - who the bbc admits doesnt live in Libya but nonetheless uses her to state that the situation of women is better in Libya today despite the same piece admitting that the new nato puppet regime in Libya is very backward and oppressive when its comes to women's political and social rights. The piece ends with Abaida stating that if she was to ever return to Libya that the death squads would take her "and not release me", meaning she would be killed or raped and killed.

The aim of the piece is to hold the brits as the champions of democracy and human rights, and that the mysterious militias in Libya are the ones carrying out the nasty business in Libya, when the truth is that primarily the brits, french and yankee white imperialists were the ones who always supported these death squads against Gaddafi, and financed and armed them along with their Gulf and Turkish slavish partners and brought them to power to Libya.

These dynamics of manipulative white supremacy is quite sophisticated, but once one grasps its nature through reflecting and studying on Fanon, Malcolm X, Steve Biko, Cesaire and others and using this ideology to illuminate our realities, our peoples can employ much more effective vigilance against the tricks of the white man. 

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Greetings Brother, and I am happy to call you Brother. I am glad that you have written the truth, for the world needs to know the truth, unbiased. European institutions work for white rule of the planet. It doesn't matter where they are from they promote the mind of the white man's empire and the destruction of people of color all over the planet.