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By James Stuart

For years the BNP, NF etc stopped talking about forcible repatriation in their propaganda because it was seen as so outlandish, so politically unacceptable, so alienating and obscene a concept that even fascists blushed when challenged on it.

So how did we get to this place now, where government ministers, mainstream politicians are openly suggesting forcible repatriation of immigrants? Where Labour leadership contenders are talking about places in the UK where there are "too many immigrants"?.

10 years ago, five years, even a year ago, this kind of language was considered political suicide. The language of the neo-Nazi fringe. Now it is the mainstream.

And the scariest bit? Nobody bats an eye.

Scarier still? If you don't parrot it, if you don't nod your head and agree "well, something's got to be done about them", *you* are the one considered beyond the pale (quite literally!).

Fascism isn't going to come wearing a brown shirt and a swastika armband. It's coming wearing a suit and talking about defending "liberal values".

1).We'll send EU migrant 'surge' back: Brexit Minister David Davis says he may send home Europeans who rush to get in before we leave Brussels (source)

2). "Those who abuse the right to hospitality must go back to their home countries - make no mistake about it," (source)

3). Owen Smith: There are too many immigrants in parts of Britain (source)


Tribute To Abdul Sattar Edhi

By Taimur Rahman

In the 1980s when Pakistan’s largest and most advanced city became engulfed in a Tsunami of violence, when the people began to fight and murder each other on the basis of ethnicity and religion, when the state was a fascist religious military dictatorship that fostered sectarian violence, Edhi rose above the hatred and violence and raised the slogan of humanitarianism.

His call for compassion for the poor, oppressed, and downtrodden resonated with all the grief stricken people in every corner of Pakistan. There is no gali, no mohalla, and no village or mountain where the name of Edhi does not arouse in the heart of the subjugated feelings of hope and love.

When I Heard of Edhi

I was a student at the time that I heard of Edhi’s work and from that moment I was a devotee of the man who showed us what it meant to call ourselves human. I, along with millions like me, became a lifelong supporter of Abdul Sattar Edhi.

And although we participated in many charities that sent money to the Edhi Foundation, it would be two decades later that I would finally meet the great man who inspired us all.

My first and last meeting with him was in his office. Yes the same office with broken pieces of old furniture from where the largest ambulance service was run. It was then that I witnessed the real stature of the man who used to joke about his own simplicity with the words “ab tu sadgi bhi mujh say sharmati hai”.

Edhi’s Commune

Edhi, his family, and his comrades, lived and still live in a commune. Very few bourgeois people work for Edhi because he pays only working class wages. They also get very few holidays. But dedicated socialists love working. For him because he worked harder than anyone. Most of his organisation is full of leftists.

Edhi doesn't beg in fancy hotels. He used to beg on the streets. More than the rich and famous it is the poor and middle class people who work and give tons of money to Edhi. He would even refuse big donations made by capitalists. Especially if they came with strings attached.

Edhi Is Not Mere Charity

Some bourgeois charities are created to weaken left-wing states. Some are created to undermine communist parties. Some are created to weaken national liberation movement. Some are promoted to weaken trade unions or peasant unions.

Which movement did Edhi weaken? Which trade union did he ever undermine? Which communist party did he damage? Which national liberation movement did he speak against? Answer is none at all.

He was a working class individual who cared for his class. In a more radical environment he would have been a Norman Bethune (caring for the poor in a revolutionary movement). But in the context of a counter-revolutionary sweep of the violence that gripped Karachi in the 1980s supported by a dictatorship that was fracturing the movement along ethnic lines through violence by the MQM and religious fascism of the right wing, he stood as a rock against these reactionary tides of history.
He gave refuge in his organisation to revolutionaries who were being persecuted by the ruling class and the state.

He put together money to eight feet dispensary in Mithadar. And although unlettered just by sheer force of example he inspired millions who rallied to his banner. Some gave their life savings. Some gave their property. Some gave their labour. Some even gave their lives in the line of duty. Today, there are 335 centres with 1,800 ambulances in the country, hundreds of volunteers. His centres are abroad too, in the US, Canada, Afghanistan, Nepal and the Middle East.

"In the west, governments take care of their own. In third world countries like ours, there’s no such arrangement. But it’s a two-way street. The awam dodges taxes, defrauds the government, and the government in turn lines its pockets to allow this to happen. You get the government you deserve, and meanwhile the poor and the needy get left out in the cold. So there’s a crying need for social workers from private quarters. The day this mutually beneficial arrangement stops, there’ll be enough funds in the national coffers to start taking care of the people. That day, I’ll become redundant and relinquish my job to the state. But since this isn’t likely to happen, I have no choice in the matter. It’s a responsibility I have taken upon myself, and I’ll carry on doing it under any circumstance.” Eidhi sb
So to turn around and say that his struggle was mere "charity" to undermine the left is TOTALLY RIDICULOUS. He was a dedicated leftist. Whose humanitarian work arose in the historical circumstances of urban ethnic war unleashed by the state to destroy the democratic movement.
Edhi in Politics

Edhi stood for election in 1965 from the platform of the Combined Opposition Parties (COP). He supported Fatimah Jinnah against the dictatorship of Ayub Khan.

In 1970 Edhi ran as an independent candidate from Lyari. Edhi Sahib refused to spend any money on his campaign and would even refuse to treat potential voters with a cup of tea!

In 1975, he was back as a candidate in a by-election in the Karachi from NA250.

In 1985 Edhi once again decided to contest an election. The PPP decided to support him. Edhi eventually dropped out of the race for unknown reasons.

After this, Edhi quit politics altogether, even though he was offered party tickets by the PPP in 1990 and 1993; and, according to some, by the Musharraf-backed PML-Q in 2002.

In 1993, General Hamid Gul promised to make him President if he would help the army to overthrow the elected government. He refused. They became so angry with him they threatened to kidnap him. He had to go into exile.

Edhi the Revolutionary & Socialist Humanitarian

When Operation Clean-up was launched in Karachi's Sohrab Goth area. Drug dealers and death dealers were stoking ethnic violence by deliberately targeting innocent people to create anarchy and chaos.

“First, they came in groups of five to ten and shouted slogans inciting a particular ethnic group living in the area to join up with them. Once they managed to get these people with them, they started firing at random. When residents of the area emerged from their homes, they opened fire on them, stopping only when their victims fled. The mob then moved in, ransacked houses, looted them and finally set them on fire.”

“I’ve also told people to gather large amounts of stones and keep them on the roofs of their houses, so that if a situation of the kind were just witnessed arises again, they can use these in self-defense. For every five of them that gets shot, they’ll at least get one from the other side. Every human being has the right to self-defense.”

He was accused of being a communist. Edhi responded by saying “agar ghareeb ki madad karnay walay ko communist kaha jata hai tu main communist hun”. Edhi was inspired by Karl Marx, Maxim Gorky, Lenin from the age of 13.

Mullahs were angry with him because his service did not just work for Muslims but for all people. Christians, Hindus, Muslims, Shia, Sunni, Ahmedi, Wahhabi, Edhi Foundation would care for you no matter your religion. Edhi sb, responded to them by saying “My ambulance is more Muslim than you”.

They said he will go to hell because he took care of children out of wedlock which encouraged bay rah rawi. He responded by saying “Mujhay maulvi bedeen boltay hain, bolnay do. Mujhay tu waisay bhi jahanam main jana hai. Kyun keh jannat main tu khushal log hon gay. Saray khushal hon gay.

Main jahanum main ja kar dukhiyon ki khidmat karon ga. Mujhay tu jahanum main jana hai”.

Edhi sarmayadaron, jagirdaron, mullahs ki jannat main nahin jai ga. Edhi ghareebon, dukhiyon, beyar-o-madadgar bachon ki anson ponchnay kay liyay dozakh ki aag bhi qabool kar lay ga.

Jis shakhs nay na is zindagi main, aur na hi aglay jahan main apnay liyay kuch manga - na doodh ki nehrain, na hooron ki sobat…

jis shaksh nay manga tu sirf yeh keh aglay jahan main bhi us ko moqa milay ke wo dukhiyon ka khiyal rakh sakay.

Jis shakhs kay liyay dukhiyon ki khidmat karna hi jannat ho, us ko yeh Kafir kehtay thay.
During Haj, Edhi Sahib refused to pelt the pillars symbolising the devil. Instead, he kept the pebbles in his pocket, saying that there were bigger devils in Pakistan and he will pelt them instead!

Jo Edhi ki insan dosti ki mukhalifat karta hai, meray liyay vo hi shaitan hai.

Faisal Edhi

No institution can survive without good leadership and an individual that symbolises what the movement stands for. Now that Edhi sb is no more, a new symbol of the movement is needed to take Edhi Foundation forward.

I've known Faisal since we worked together for earthquake relief in 2005. I don't say these words for him because he is Edhi's son or because he is my friend. I support him because he has worked for decades by his father's side and only through sheer hard work earned his place in all our hearts to be considered the ideological heir to Edhi's humanitarian legacy. Qadam Barhao Faisal Edhi, Pakistan is with you.


Once someone said to Faiz sb "Faiz sb, aap shair tu buhut achay likhtay hain, magar parrhnay ka andaaz aap ka theek nahin hai". Faiz sb responded "Janab sab kuch hum hi karain? Kuch aap bhi karain na". One man cannot be expected to do everything. Edhi did what he was good at. Practically organised people and helped in their problems. The vast majority of those who could supposedly have made the right analysis never bothered to get out of their cushy little worlds. Edhi braved bullets and threats and did something to better the lot of the suffering poor. For that he ought to be honoured by all those who have any regard for the suffering of the poor.

The rest is up to us.

So to return to why Edhi is important to us I have to say that the violent fire that burns in the napaak neighbourhoods of Pakistan will inevitably alight the very curtains you used to screen the eyes of your home and family from the outside world.

It is only by grasping Edhi’s message of socialist-humanitarianism that we can extinguish this fire that threatens our very existence."


By Eric Draister

I hope people realize that fascists, and fascist ideology, have infiltrated anti-imperialist circles all over social media, and in the political space in general. From variations on arguments ranging from "Hitler wasn't such a bad guy" and "Jews created the refugee crisis to destroy White Christian Europe" to the Illuminati-Rothschild-Freemason-Lizard people, this shit is everywhere.

They are the same people who find every reason to justify fascist ideologies from anti-Muslim hysteria to anti-gay, anti-Jewish, anti-immigrant "traditionalism" and all other manner of fascist bullshit. And they parade this filth as if it's both right and true, and anyone who challenges these lies is a "Zionist" (irrespective of the issue or the politics) or a "puppet" or a "traitor" or a "liar" or a "najdi" or "anti-Resistance." Notice the inability to substantively challenge anything in a meaningful way.

I'm sorry but there is no middle ground here. To be silent in the face of such disgusting garbage is to tacitly approve of it. Fascists are not to be reasoned with...they are to be smashed. No compromise to be had.

I admit I was not as aware of the depth of this infiltration until the refugee crisis really began last fall. I am embarrassed and apologetic that I was slower to address this issue than I should have been. I will not make that mistake again.

I would just add that, in my opinion, everyone has a responsibility to address these ideologies and those who espouse them aggressively. There is no room to "agree to disagree"...sorry, either you confront fascists or you protect them. That is the truth.


PMQs (Prime Ministers Questions) is the most important national political exchange/convo: last week an unelected new and the most right wing prime minister took to the dispatch box at PMQs, with the most right-wing government ever in a context of the most right wing situation (and growing) we have ever had, with the connected massive rise of racist attacks during and after the referendum, and low with a gift minister, David Davis, who openly advocated mass forced deportations (source).

Corbyn laid out his first strategic opposition to this new right wing unelected government. He said NOT ONE WORD about immigrant, African or Asian communities and the attacks and ordeals and growing anxiety they are experiencing as a result of the brexit colonial triumphalism (source).

No apologies from me, but immigrant people are equal human beings and we deserve TO EXIST, and more so we should be in the FRONT of political opposition and advocacy against this right wing westminster regime. We should never accept being made invisible like this, and should force supposed leaders to articulate as a matter of urgency and primacy, the defence and liberation of ALL immigrants as THE way of defending all the oppressed. I will never accept a situation or leadership that treats us immigrants as not even second class considerations.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm


I think its quite clear now that the failed coup was an attempt by USA-UK-'israel'-Saudi to attempt to give a grave warning to Erdogan to not defacto admit defeat in Syria in its depraved supremacist death squad project and by apologising and starting to normalise relations with Moscow, and even start in that direction on Damascus.

Turkey is busy denouncing the USA, demanding former Erdogan ally tuned now turncoat Gulen back, the Russian media is abuzz with happiness that Erdogan is turning away from the usa and towards Moscow [1].

Russian fascist leader Dugin, who is *THE* leader of a lot of these infiltrating fascists, some of whom are paid directly from his organisation, is full of excitement about it too, in this typically egotistical piece from Ankara [2], shows clearly the shift of Ankara towards Moscow.

The Nato's supremacist death squads, who are much of the western left's darlings in Syria have known for a while the game is up, but that fact is getting through even more [3].

What this means is:

1, This is further proof of a major historical defeat for Nato and imperialism and its death squad project, although its by no means the end of it and

1a, Although this is a defeat for them now this tactic of using death squads is and will be further used across the GlobalSouth especially in the majority Muslim lands, and as we can see especially in France and now Germany, will be used by in the 'West' also.

2, This is a historic defeat for Nato etc, and a great victory for the GlobalSouth although with the amount of death and destruction that continues and escalates, it doesn't really feel like it in many ways.

3, This will mean that the global anti-imperialist movement will be strengthened, Turkey enter into better strategic relations with Russia and also China and Iran etc, will mean an important capacity building politically and economically (militarily also) for the GlobalSouth preparing itself for growing imperialist wars of destruction as we have already seen in many countries (Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya, Mali, Syria etc).

4, However, there are some very awkward elements to this development as well. Personally, I will never support Erdogan's supremacist politics, using and abusing Islam for this sordid depraved project of his no matter how much he shifts away from Nato to our global side. As long as he has this fascistic ideology, I will welcome any move of *Turkey* away from imperialism towards the GlobalSouth, but I am not going to give any political support to Erdogan. We have to accept and work with contradictions: I support Russia arming the GlobalSouth, but I dont support its promotion of fascist politics, I support India's right to deepen in BRICS and pro GlobalSouth role on many levels, but I oppose the BJP/RSS supremacist sectarianism; I support the East Ukranian anti-Nato united front, but I don't support the leading part of it which is fascist-oriented right wing nationalists.

Erdogan's agenda going forward if deepening an alliance with anti-imperialist forces is a generally helpful thing to anti-imperialism but his agenda is still a big one across especially the Muslim world.
Will Erdogan/AKP be put under manners by Iran & Egypt (AGAIN pointing to the urgent necessity of Egypt & Iran getting on with a strategic unity!), or will they continue their dirty games on a lower level and try and hegemonise and de-fang Gaza and play a dirty role across the region?

5, Erdogan is turning Turkey even more fascist, the repression is massive and terrifying. The Turkish left and Kurdish movement is very weak, the former much weaker than the latter. They have no strategic power, although the Kurdish movement have some, but in a context of Moscow and Erdogan becoming buddies, where does that leave the Kurds? In a not very great place, does this mean the PKK and YPG will deepen their ties into a strategic one towards Nato? Or will they manage to find some accommodation between Damascus, Moscow and Ankara? Erdogan is a abusive control freak who is vengeful and nasty. It's going to be a task to not get him to want to murder every pro PKK person etc. But he has ate humble pie and apologised to Moscow, so let's see.

6, At a time of fast growing confusion and divisions and infiltration by fascists in anti-imperialist and generally 'radical' circles, now is not the time to trust in a growing GlobalSouth leadership as we had until circa 2010. Now is the time to try and develop collective unity and political leadership no matter how difficult this task, as the stakes are now too high, full fascism in the West is on the horizon clearly, a new round of vicious imperialist wars is about to be unleashed, with possible major bombing of China, possibly also against India, Russia, Iran and wars in 'latin' America and Africa, both covert and overt, about to be unleashed.

The period from 1999 to 2010/2011 was a GlobalSouth giving increasing leadership, remember the conferences with Chavez, Gaddafi, Mugabe, Ahmadinejad, Lukashenko, Morales, Castro, Correa and others all building up their unity and leadership? Those golden era days are GONE! Sadly some of them are dead and gone.

What we have now are a lot of these forces on the political retreat or even historic political defeats, near total collapse of leadership and giving global leadership, this is resulting in clearing the path to fascism. It's very frustrating there is no leadership being given from Morales, Correa, Castro, Mugabe, China etc. But they are all very consumed by their own challenges of trying to maintain their position in the brink, or in the case of China frantically batting away imperialist war plans against them, and preparing for the big showdown. China *might* just have to give more leadership to the West as the USA and less so UK especially continue their war plans against it. But there is no guarantee! We are on our own! We have to politically act, build and develop leadership like we are on our own.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

Friday, 22 July 2016



QUESTION: The public here has followed the work of the Afro-Asian Conference at Bandung with exceptional interest. This interest is quite natural, because the principal theme at Bandung was peace and democratic co-operation among nations. For this reason, Comrade President, now that the Afro-Asian Conference is over and its results have been made known, Radio Belgrade is asking you to give us an answer to this question: How do you appraise the work and decisions of the first Afro-Asian Conference and what, in your view, is its contribution to the stabilisation of peace in the world?

ANSWER: I must admit that the results of the first Afro-Asian Conference have come as a pleasant surprise to me. For, although I expected that the Conference would be of enormous importance, I did not anticipate that so many problems would be dealt with and that in the majority of cases agreement would be reached.

The number of Asian and African countries which took part in the Conference and the tremendous interest in the Conference prevailing among Asian and African countries show that matters have reached an historical turning-point, in that the people of the two continents are determined to decide their own future for themselves, as far as this is possible. It goes without saying that the results of the Conference can only inspire all friends of peace and international co-operation with fresh hope and confidence that the front of peace in the world today constitutes a powerful factor in the struggle to avoid another war and achieve international co-operation.

We, Yugoslavs, are particularly delighted with these results, for the conception which prevailed at the Conference is completely in harmony with our conceptions, both in respect of international co-operation and the strengthening of peace and also in respect of the right of Asian and African countries to settle their own problems.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016


There is a disturbing trend amongst a considerable amount of 'radicals' and leftists, they erroneously argue that fascism must be encouraged as this will inspire some kind of ant-fascist response. It is called a theory of 'accelerationism'. 

Unlike the late 1920s and 1930s, we have no mass based communist, anti-imperialist and anti-fascist militant movement, we have the absence of one. Even if we had, to encourage the fascists is really and deeply problematic and frankly a great irresponsible act towards our oppressed peoples. We have a situation whereby fascism is gaining in power on on state and non-state levels throughout the 'West'. Anyway, Guerin says it all better than I. - Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

Daniel Guérin in Fascism and Big Business (October 1938):

"A particularly dangerous illusion consists in regarding fascism, despite the horror it inspires, as a progressive political phenomenon – as a passing and even necessary, though painful, stage. Rash prophets have announced ten times, a hundred times, the imminent and inevitable crumbling of the fascist dictatorship in Italy or Germany under the blows of the victorious revolution. They have asserted that fascism, by driving class antagonisms to their highest degree of tension, is hastening the hour of the proletarian revolution, even going so far as to contend that the proletariat could conquer power only by passing through the hell of the fascist dictatorship. Today it is no longer possible to keep up such illusions. Events have demonstrated with tragic clearness that the moment the working class allows the fascist wave to sweep over it, a long period of slavery and impotence begins – a long period during which socialist, even democratic, ideas are not merely erased from the pediments of public monuments and libraries but, what is much more serious, are rooted out of human minds. Events have proved that fascism physically destroys everything opposing its dictatorship, no matter how mildly, and that it creates a vacuum around itself and leaves a vacuum behind it."


The Challenges for Immigrant and Poor Communities Going Forward, or: 
After / Beyond / Aside from Corbyn and the Labour Party? 

By Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm
20 July, 2016

African, Asian, non-white, Immigrant and Black people need to appreciate that the LP is a non-force right now, its in a log jam that may never be released, we are looking at the LP being non-functional for the foreseeable future. It is not and not about to provide any space for strategic opposition. The general election is in 2020, thats FOUR years away, as things are going thats a real political age away. Are we really going to be bogged down and distracted from growing challenges of racism, sexism and attacks on the working class and instead solely focused in internal LP mess?

I would put it to you that we need to think beyond Corbyn, beyond the confines of the LP which is just not serving any purpose right now in the context of a growing right and far right threat, growing fascism and all that comes with it. We need to start thinking about a serious political vehicle for poor and Black communities.

The English white left cannot build it, some sections of them can be a helpful and assisting part to it, but they cannot build it cos there is too much internalised colonialism in their heads, and they just can't build a strategic serious political project, as they haven't for around 30 years.

The Black and immigrant communities are very politically weak, scattered, and are dragged constantly into an internal LP/PLP conflict, a conflict that is doing nothing for them/us but dragging us away from our communities into a spat that will result in nothing for them other than a split LP (the LP is split anyway now, just not formally). If there was any sign of that this internal LP/PLP conflict would bring about something strategically better for us, than I would support it even while recognising that the LP/PLP is at the same time institutionally, historically, ethically and in its political framework of being a thoroughly racist and colonial entity.

Sooner or later, assuming Immigrant communities have a future of existence in this country (ie., we are not all thrown into camps and partially expelled and partially killed off, frankly this is looking increasingly likely), we will have to build a viable political vehicle like the Irish have done with Sinn Fein, the Scots with the SNP, and Welsh with Plaid. Hopefully will build something even better! But building something viable and strategic is a challenge before us, much more and increasingly more pressing since colonial social democracy (the LP is the main manifestation of social democracy in england) ended in circa 1991-1994, and especially more since 2008, more so since the exportation of colonial fascism project which was the Arab Sting 2011, and even more since Brexit 2016.

Social democracy is a .massive part of the culture of the people of this island. It is a political culture that has embedded left colonialism, or a brit white workers colonialism into the mass culture of this country. It is not east to budge. But the experience of SF (who sidelined the SDLP), Plaid and SNP show that Labour loyalty needn't be for all eternity. At the same time, those examples have dealt witht he primary issue of colonialism and racism as a primary issue more so than the english left have do so to date, and no sign that the Corbyn camp will address this either. The Corbyn camp and elements in the LP/PLP can assist our communities in some tactical and even strategic ways, but this currently increasingly high stakes gamble and risk-taking on Corbyn and the LP/PLP is not helping us.

Of course, any such strategic move towards building a new political vehicle for Immigrant and poor communities is offset by too much obsession with the current spat in the LP/PLP. However, Immigrant communities will continue to be targeted and attacked, as will the English white workers but the latter will and are turning their anger towards Immigrants not the ruling classes.

To build this you need a core group of at least 50 if not 100 well organised cadre. They then need to be split into several core areas of long term 'mass line' building, which is taking our decolonial socialist politics and engaging with a specific Immigrant and poor locality, finding out what the demands of the people are according to our decolonial socialist politics, and working on the long term to serve our people in the framework, struggle with them and organise communities. After long term work, it will have to show it can battle politically and win, which means standing in elections and winning while militantly guarding against the corrupting nature of elections under this system.

Yes, we are nowhere near this at all, and the longer we don't address this absence of political strategy, the more our communities are in danger of total all our fascist war against us which is now in sight. If we do not build this, we will be wiped out. Several months ago I would have said to you that Immigrant and non-white communities in europe are secure and we will not be chased out, that we won our right to 'here to stay here to fight'. Considering the massive and on-going rise of the right and far right across the west and europe, considering the increasingly weak capacity of Immigrant and Black communities, my reading is that we are in a really precarious situation increasingly going forward, and unless people don't wake up NOW and work very hard, our future here is slipping away fast.

Monday, 18 July 2016


Freedom for Saif al-Islam Gaddafi! Freedom for Libya!

By Eric Draitser

The news that Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, the son of the assassinated leader of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya Muammar Gaddafi, has been released from captivity is one of the most significant developments in Libya in some time. For while the Western corporate media would like people to believe that the Gaddafi name is dead and buried, the fact remains that Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, and the surviving members of the Gaddafi family, are seen as heroes by many in Libya. Moreover, Saif’s release has the potential to transform the political situation in the country.

Although details are few and far between, what we do know is that according to his lawyer at the International Criminal Court (ICC), Saif Gaddafi “was given his liberty on April 12, 2016.” Indeed official documents (which remain unverified) seem to support the assertion that Saif has, in fact, been released. Considering the statements from his attorneys that Saif is “well and safe and in Libya,” the political ramifications of this development should not be underestimated. Not only is Saif Gaddafi the second eldest and most prominent of Col. Gaddafi’s sons, he is also the one seen as the inheritor of his father’s legacy of independent peaceful development and the maintenance of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya.

This last point is of critical importance as his release is a clear signal to many Libyans that the resistance to the NATO-imposed chaos and war is alive and well. And while there have been isolated upsurges of pro-Gaddafi sentiments at various times in the last five years, they mostly remained underground. Perhaps it might soon be time for the resistance to once again become united as it moves to drive out the terrorists and opportunists who have torn the jewel of Africa apart these last five years.

Libya: Chaos Reigns Thanks to NATO

In order to answer the question of what Saif Gaddafi’s return to political life would mean for Libya, one has to first understand the nature of the Libyan state (if one can even call it that) today. Libya has become a fractured nation made up of at least two governments – one aligned with Al Qaeda in Tripoli, the other moderate, non-Islamist government based in Tobruk – with the vast majority of the tribes having at least some ties with the Tobruk government, and its sometimes backers in Egypt. Indeed, it is the tribes who in many ways dominate political life as much of Libyan society has fallen back on tribal affiliations and loyalties in the wake of the destruction of Gaddafi’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya government.

With disunity having been created by the NATO war on Libya, and the introduction of longtime CIA asset General Khalifa Haftar into a political equation already exhaustingly complex with myriad factions and shifting loyalties, it becomes rather difficult to know exactly where each group and alliance stands. As if to complicate the matter further, Saif has been held since 2011 by the militias centered in the city of Zintan; the Zintanis were no friends of Gaddafi, but have steadfastly refused to cooperate with the Al Qaeda-Muslim Brotherhood allied factions dominating Tripoli as part of the so-called “Libya Dawn” coalition.

Of course, one cannot forget about Abdelhakim Belhadj and the fighters of his Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) which played a key role in the NATO-backed overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi. Belhadj, the darling of western intelligence and political elites like John McCain and Lindsey Graham (who posed for pictures with the infamous Al Qaeda terrorist), had been accused of being involved in training ISIS operatives in Eastern Libya, though sources in Libya have denied the claim, instead maintaining that Belhadj remains holed up in the Tripoli airport, commanding his fighters in alliance with his longtime Al Qaeda comrades.

All of this is to say that the political map of Libya is like broken glass, fractured into dozens of pieces strewn about by the destruction of the once peaceful and prosperous nation. But in the midst of all the chaos, there have been moments of hope, moments when it seemed a pushback from the people of Libya might soon come.

One key element of the political situation in Libya that is often ignored is the role of Egypt’s President Sisi. While Sisi has a dubious human rights record of his own, in the Libyan context his government has seemingly provided air support to the Tobruk government and its allied tribal groups fighting against ISIS/Daesh terrorists, and potentially also against Al Qaeda-affiliated groups. Sources inside Libya have conveyed that, contrary to rumors on social media, Egyptian forces have been closely collaborating with some key Libyan factions, including representatives of the tribes whose loyalty remains with the Gaddafis.

In this convoluted political picture, one must see beyond simply “good guys” and “bad guys,” and instead understand that while there are indeed good guys and bad guys, some of the good guys are sometimes bad, while some of the bad guys are sometimes good. Got it? Good.

The Leader Libya Needs, the Leader It Deserves

It is against this dizzying political backdrop that one must examine the significance of a potential return for Saif al-Islam Gaddafi. Saif remains a hero to many Libyans who see in him the inheritor of the independent spirit of his father, a man whose education and erudition, and most importantly wartime experience, make him a natural leader.

It should be remembered that Saif was the main advocate of the rapprochement between Libya and the West in the early 2000s, spearheading the campaign for Libya’s disarmament of its nuclear and long-range ballistic missiles program. However, by 2011 and the US-NATO illegal war on Libya, Saif had changed his tune, regretting terribly his having taken western leaders at their word. In a now infamous interview with RT conducted in the midst of the NATO war, Saif stated:

“Many countries, Iran and North Korea are among them, told us it was our mistake to give up, to have stopped developing long-range missiles and to become friendly with the West. Our example means one should never trust the West and should always be on alert – for them it is fine to change their mind overnight and start bombing Libya…One of our biggest mistakes was that we delayed buying new weapons, especially from Russia, and delayed building a strong army. We thought Europeans were our friends; our mistake was to be tolerant with our enemies.”

One could sense the penitence in Saif’s voice, a man who acknowledged his own responsibility in weakening his country and opening it to foreign invasion. But Saif’s contrition, almost a plea for forgiveness from his people, was also seen by many Libyans as the mark of his true character, a man who forthrightly accepted responsibility while simultaneously standing defiant against the most powerful military alliance in the world, and its terrorist proxies overrunning his country. Indeed, for many, this was the moment – along with his appearance at the Rixos Hotel in Tripoli before a crowd of stunned reporters and Libyans – when Saif ceased to be simply the favored son, and instead became a bona fide leader.

And today, nearly five years later, Saif remains the chosen son of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya – a man who has endured five years of confinement at the hands of his one-time enemies, who has remained defiant of the US and of its puppet institutions such as the International Criminal Court. His is the man who for so many represents the promise of a better future by symbolizing a better past.

And this is why factions inside Libya, and their backers in the US and Europe, are terrified of Saif al-Islam Gaddafi; they understand perfectly what he represents. They know that Saif commands the loyalty and respect of the majority of Libyans, far more than any other single faction. They know that Saif is backed by the most influential tribes in the country, as well as what remains of the Green Resistance which has emerged at key moments in the last few years, including the brief takeover of a critical air base in the southern city of Sabha in January 2014. They know that Saif is the only individual leader left in Libya who can unite the disparate political formations into a single force prepared to finally defeat the jihadist elements backed by the US-NATO.

But the fear of Saif runs even deeper than just the theoretical leadership that he represents. Rather, the powers that be fear the political force he already is. When Saif’s death sentence was handed down by a kangaroo court in Tripoli, supporters of Gaddafi and the Jamhiriya took to the streets in Benghazi, Sirte, Bani Walid, and a number of other cities across the country, despite ISIS and Al Qaeda terrorists in control of much of those cities. At the risk of their own lives, these Libyans carried portraits of the assassinated Col. Gaddafi and Saif al-Islam, chanting their names and calling for a restoration of the socialist government. Consider the devotion necessary for followers to risk life and limb in a show of political support. Now imagine what would happen with Saif free.

Sources in Libya, and among those who have fled to neighboring countries, as well as Europe, have noted that elements of the former Gaddafi government have been working closely with the Sisi government in Egypt. While it is difficult to confirm independently, such a move is entirely plausible considering the common jihadi enemy both face in Libya which shares a long, porous border with Egypt. Assuming that the collaboration is true, it presents yet another reason why the US and its proxies, to say nothing of the terror groups inside Libya, would greatly fear Saif’s freedom. With the backing of an assertive Egypt, the all-important tribal councils, and elements of the disparate factions on the ground, Saif would instantly become the single most powerful man in Libya.

And for those in the West, it is incumbent on everyone to vigorously and publicly defend Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, and to redouble efforts to back him. Saif represents a chance for Libya to be rebuilt, for the country to be pulled from the morass of chaos manufactured by the US and its NATO partners. Saif is the hope of the Libyan people who have suffered unspeakable horrors these last five years. Even those who have no love lost for Gaddafi understand the importance of reconstituting a single, united Libya under a single, united government. Only Saif al-Islam Gaddafi can do that now. And that’s why freedom for Saif might one day mean freedom for Libya.

Sunday, 17 July 2016


RIP our brother Alton Sterling, who was shot dead by Baton Rouge police officers,

3 police gunned down today in #BatonRouge, Louisiana: As many comrades have been saying for generations, and as I have been saying for decades (have to thanks James Stuart for schooling me in this since the 1990s) the usa, as is most of the west, is here and now at the start of what we predicted was going to be the eruption of a Black-led developing war within the 'west' and esp in the usa against imperialism's and racism's growing oppression and now definitively going towards domestic fascism. I didn't expect this situation to have arrived so quick, several months ago or a year ago, I wasnt even necessarily thinking I would live long enough to see what we are seeing.

The other thing that I was not expecting is that when we discussed the situation we are seeing now, we all thought that the global and domestic radical and revolutionary leadership would exist, it does not exist. We thought that there would be mass-based radical liberation organisations, something even more wiser and sophisticated than the Black Panther Party and others, but we don't have any of that. We don't even have an upsurge so far that is strategic in its capacity, that charts history.

However, with the amount of state and popular racist tensions and oppressions, and with the way in which 'social' media conveys the amount of depth of the police and racist oppression, it was only going to be a matter of time before the trauma, profound upset coming from the blood and tears of our people was going to inspire armed actions against the police; we had it before in the 1960s and 1970s, but back then we had any excellent global leaderships (MANY all across the global south continents! So many to pick from! lol), today we have none, and have a LOT of imperialist liberal and colonial fascist confusion. Nevertheless, the militant actions reacting from increased racist oppression will continue, its mathematics, its scientific; no one's moralising can or will change this. At the same time, the developing of armed actions against the forces of the colonial state, WITHOUT a objective and subjective leadership and growing revolutionary capacity, means our communities are in a much weaker and more precarious situation that if they had a growing revolutionary capacity.

That being said, and the usa society going into this racialised class war, the continuing development of militant armed struggle and the cycle of oppression/increased-violence-/protest s-increasing/armed/militancy will continue to grow. Although the organisational and leadership capacity is not there, THE references for struggle are basically two Black communities in the usa and arguable throughout the 'west': 1. Malcolm X. And 2. The Black Panthers. Even Beyonce has to reference both when artistically commenting on the developing situation at the Superbowl performance. Our Black communities will get there.

I just hope and pray and work very hard that we arrive at a more effective liberation capacity and organisation sooner rather than later. All this 'horizantal organising' stuff, while important that we have conversations about inclusivity and developing a all-community-involving strategies, this stuff has to end, the liberalism and reformism has to be cast aside, and serious community and liberation organisations that have discipline, clarity and revolutionary strategies need to be built asap. We need all forms of organising, but no point having too much flab and not enough muscle and brain coordination. I know its a lot more complex, but hey, this reformist-liberal stuff is designed to fail. It only works strategically in countries where they have serious paramilitary or state support, such as in some 'latin' American countries, but outside of that, its a quick path to failure and all the shit that comes with that.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

Friday, 15 July 2016


I know what's in the minds of some comrades who have seen and studied Battle of Algiers and have studied Fanon are trying to make a parallel with Nice when they remember the scene in the film whereby resistance fighters of the FLN attacks the white settlers in the truck, running them over and shooting them. This is a very wrong parallel:

these supremacist attacks in France and also those in Libya, Syria, Iraq and many other of our homelands have behind them not a global South allied FLN but a sordid supremacist force that has been created by and continues to be given life by leading western states and their junior allies in the gulf monarchies and others;

those recruited into these supremacist deaths squads are not Ali La Pointes (FLN militant in Battle of Algiers), but are oppressed people who are recruited into a fascist project backed by the aforesaid imperialist and allied global network;

the actions of these supremacist terror forces are not helping anyone, unlike the decolonial anti imperialist socialist force of the FLN, but the aforesaid imperialist alliance, and are deployed to directly assist imperialist strategies, and in that it is having devastating effects.

We have to appreciate and study and popularise how the usa and UK are the leading forces of this supremacist fascism and terrorism, cos our failure to take leadership and explain in these contexts is directly leading in masses of westerners going towards le pen, brexit, and other fascist forces.

The fascism that the 'West' have been delivering through overt and covert wars especially in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria these past 26 years will inevitably return to the lands it has been exported from - fascism is returning to the West. If the Western states and their people accept the imperialist wars in the Global South, then these colonial actions will weaken the peoples movement for liberation in the West and will and are opening up fascist forces on a state and non-state level.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm


This is Corbyn from the second last PMQs:

"May I take him north-east of Shirebrook to the Lindsey oil refinery? In 2009, hundreds of oil workers there walked out on strike because agency workers from Italy and Portugal were brought in on lower wages to do the same job. Just down the road in Boston, low pay is endemic. The average hourly wage across the whole country is £13.33. In the east midlands, it is £12.26; in Boston, it is £9.13. Is it not time that the Government intervened to step up for those communities that feel they have been left behind in modern Britain?" (source)

Thursday, 14 July 2016


These are historic positive developments for Libya. Saif al-Islam Gaddafi must stay alive at all costs. Protecting his life is one of the most important strategic challenges in the struggle for the re-unification and liberation of Libya. - Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

Eric Draitser:


The people of the Wadi al-Shatii district (west-central part of Libya, bordering Algeria) have declared the recently freed Saif al-Islam Gaddafi the legitimate leader of Libya. They have also called for the release of all political prisoners held by the various forces in the country.

This is a huge development, and one whose significance we must not understate. Saif Gaddafi is the inheritor of his father's legacy, he bravely stood up to the US-NATO war on his country and people, and even took personal responsibility for his role in the disarmament of Libya in the years before the war. Saif is beloved by the majority of the country, and his freedom and return to political life is the strongest indication in the last 5 awful years of war and chaos that there is still hope for Libya and for the return of the socialist Libyan Arab Jamahiriya.

To all those who have been active in defending Libya going back to 2011 and earlier, and those just recently having become acquainted with the issue, this moment must be seized upon. Libya has been fractured and divided by the US-NATO proxy forces of terrorists and mercenaries, leaving a country that for all intents and purposes no longer exists as a unified state. The people have been suffering under unimaginable oppression, living in a state of terror, with countless thousands having fled the country.

And now is the moment when a return of a true Libyan leader is possible. We must all raise our voices in support of freedom for Libya! The Green flag flies once again."

Wednesday, 13 July 2016


Report by Leo Garib:

I attended a Stand Up to Racism meeting last night in Brixton. It was called to rally support for their demonstration on Saturday and to soothe people with the line, 'Keep Calm and Keep Protesting' because everything will be fine. Stand Up to Racism back Brexit, by the way.

My eyes rolled when I saw the panel - all white except for one young black face who insisted the Brexit vote isn't really so important. In the audience of 80, there were ... 2 black faces. And this is in Brixton!

After hearing that the rise in racist attacks since Brexit is "only a spike" and that racism has always been here, it's really no worse that before, I pointed out that the rise is 400%, according to police, and in reality much more; that Brexit was a racist vote which brought all the intrinsic racism in British society to the top; that Corbyn had disgracefully called for Article 50 to be triggered; that fascism is on the rise in Europe and here; that we should refuse to abandon millions of non-white and migrant workers.

One after the other the panel stood up to condemn me: Brexit was a "howl for justice" from voters, not a racist vote (Momentum member in the audience); I was "too pessimistic" (an ASLEF rep); the EU will stop us re-nationalising the railways and austerity is the most important thing, not fascism (Tosh Macdonald, ASLEF president); "I refuse to believe 73% in Doncaster who voted Brexit are racist" (Macdonald, Aslef) - even though they cheerily voted with Ukip and the BNP; racism has always been here, it's no worse than before (a Polish worker on the panel).

Topping it all was the darling of Momentum, Lambeth Cllr Rachel Heywood (sporting a Momentum badge after standing up to library cuts). She said, Brexit "may be a good thing" because racism has always been here and now we can "lance the boil" by bringing it into the open.

Plenty of chatter from the nearly all-white audience about library cuts, a (very good) speech from a junior doctor about the NHS), and lots of interventions about how really great it was that Corbyn was on the ballot (I groaned inwardly). But not a word about the tradition in Brixton of organising to battle racism.

There were even shouts of dissent when I pointed out it was just down the road that the black community had fought openly National Front police. Louder shouts when I said we don't have to accept Brexit. It seems that in the happy-clappy world of Momentum, Stand up to Racism, the People's Assembly and one or two unions, we just need to 'Keep Calm and Carry On', it's all going to plan


Imagine under the rise of and then the rule of the nazis that Jews, communists and anti fascists were all openly attacking each other and saying that they will not stand in solidarity with each other and looked the other way while the nazis were attacking the other oppressed group.

That's EXACTLY what we have today: we have some Muslims who rightly shout about Islamophobia but then are openly joining in the fascist attacks toward East Europeans! We have some Black, African heritage people who rightly call out anti Black racism but then openly state that Muslims suffering Islamophobia (a form of racism) are not part of their unity project! And then you got some lunatic lefties who are arguing that there is no rise in fascist and racist attacks since the referendum!

As Malcolm X said when you visited england, let's not wait until they heat up the gas chambers, the number one lesson of history for us is that divided we will be picked off one by one, United we have a chance of liberation.

Don't serve the enemy, serve our peoples! Oppressed peoples liberation is tied together.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm


I know I am a lone voice on this, and I truly wish I will be proved totally wrong, but what if all this Corbyn hype leads to the end of the Labour Party, the end of the left, what if this all results in the total wipe out of the left, that Labour Party whether one or two parties formed as a result of a split and that means ukip and the tories taking over even more in england?

Are people really taking things very seriously, and thinking it all through? Or is this a mass delusional fantasy project? Like I said, I truly hope I am proved very wrong, but forgive me, I honestly think this is total disaster and not the historical brink of a new left Labour Party that will march to victory at the general election and usher in Corbyn as a socialist PM.

For me, I think it's obvious what's happening and unfolding, but enjoy the ride, I hope it gets you to the destination you think it's going. I think your destination is a very different place. But let's see where we end up. I have made my analysis and prediction clear.

Labour is an institutionally imperialist and genocidal colonial part of this UK state, it always was and remains so. At the same time for good and for bad it has also provided a distorted eurocentric space for the left, including anti imperialist oriented global south diaspora.

The LP had neutralised itself as a force in this country and is most likely to split and totally destroy itself. I don't think this is a good thing, it will mean a total right and far right take over totally in England. If a better political force was going to replace the LP I would welcome it, but it's not.

I hold ALL parties responsible in and around the LP for this historical disaster about to unfold. While political factions and forces think they are doing it all for the people etc, the objective fact is that all forces involved in the LP are helping to put vulnerable and oppressed people in a very weak position as we go into the most vicious period we have seen for generations, and while they bicker and destroy the LP nearly all are deciding to do nothing to actually prepare our oppressed people for the growing hell they are being put through.

Near all political sense has long gone, and many of us outside the circles of hyper delusions are watching this with total horror.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

Wednesday, 6 July 2016


"I came here at the age of 4 years old, in 1981, as a little Indian boy.

I am sure I speak for all of you that when we see what's happened to Southall in the last five decades, what's happened to Wembley, what's happened to Handsworth, what's happened to Peckham, what's happened to Upton Park, is not a negative thing, it's a positive thing!

But there are vested interests in this country who for decades and generations have tried to inculcate the people of this country that Black and Asian and East European migrants are a negative thing. We stand tall and proud in solidarity with them.

We have an almighty struggle on our hands. Look at the beautiful people that are here who believe in hope, not hate. In solidarity, not racism. But we have great challenges before us. We know that the police have admitted there's been a 60% spike in racist attacks since Brexit. Our people are under attack, East Europeans are under attack, South Europeans are under attack, Central Europeans are under attack, Muslims are under attack, Asians are under attack, African people are under attack. We must go back to our communities and organise all our communities against this growing hate. Against this growing racism.

In France with Le Penn, in the United States with Donald Trump, in Austria with the Freedom Party, in Sweden with the Sweden Democrats, in Germany with Pegida and Alternative for Germany. We have been here before. It was in the 1920s and 1930s. It's a system that's in deepening crisis, it's a system that thinks it can fix its domination and its crisis by flying off to the far right. We have to resist this. We have to stand together. We have to defeat the new Mussolinis, the new Hitlers.

Finally, you beautiful, good people and brothers and sisters, we have to demand our politicians stand with us. Jeremy Corbyn should not be invoking Article 50 immediately. He should be here, shoulder to shoulder with us.

In the spirit of Martin Luther King, in the spirit of Malcolm X, in the spirit of all our strugglers, all our Martyrs, I wish you unity and struggle and facing the challenges as we go forward. Victory and solidarity.

Interviewer: Sukant Chandan - Malcolm X movement. In your speech you have been critical about the attitude of Jeremy Corbyn. So what should Corbyn do now?

Sukant Chandan: Corbyn should not be invoking Article 50, which is a Fast Track to Brexit. It's the first thing he said on the morning of the Brexit victory, just behind me, at about 6:30am in the morning to the BBC. That's horrific. He was supposed to be supporting Remain. Why is he invoking Article 50. He should be here, standing with us. These people believe in pushing back against the xenophobia that Brexit has unleashed. These people believe in solidarity in our communities. These people believe that immigration is a good thing, not a bad thing. Why isn't he here with us?

Interviewer: But 52% of people voted to leave.?

Sukant Chandan: No. Two thirds of Labour voters voted against Brexit, two thirds of Asians and Africans voted against Brexit, Scottish people voted against Brexit, nearly half the people in Wales voted against Brexit, the Irish voted against Brexit. And this is a Fascist election. The people who were impacted most didn't have a right to vote. It's crazy. The East European communities here had no right to vote in something that affects them directly. It's disgusting. It's unacceptable. This referendum should never have happened in the first place.

Interviewer: But the European Union has not been open about about the refugee crisis.

Sukant Chandan: Absolutely, there is a refugee crisis. That the Western power has created in Africa and Asia. But the answer is not to start criminalising immigrants. The answer is not to start developing xenophobia as a response. The answer is to defend freedom of movement to the extent that we have, and to extend it further, not to role it back. And that's what we're seeing. That's why there's a political emergency in this country."

Friday, 1 July 2016


In clear black and white: Corbyn & Co have declared their Brexit, gets worse: McDonnell says freedom of movement is over,"John McDonnell, the shadow chancellor, on Friday set out the Labour Party’s economic plan, saying that after the U.K. exits the EU, “free movement of labor and people will come to an end.”" (source, and the other source) ie., he is not supporting freedom of movement! Its of great urgency that the Corbyn camp needs to put pressure on Corbyn and Co to oppose brexit, and reject this whole freefall into far right instability and viciousness that is brexit. There are only two political forces in England who are advocating
Article 50 (fast track brexit) and an end to freedom of movement, those two forces are UKIP and Corbyn camp!

We are facing the total meltdown of the Labour Party and PLP. It is going to be wiped out, whether Corbyn hangs on as leader (very unlikely) or he loses, there will be a split with the right and no so right wing of the PLP/LP, Corbyn & Co's plan ALL ALONG was to split the party, and think the masses will vote in Corbyn as PM while riding on the Brexit wave and somehow achieve socialism. I swear to God this is what they were always planning, and anyone can see this is they appreciated who  Corbyn's inner circle were and are and what their game plan was. No one wanted to know, and now its all too late.

The end of the PLP/LP would be a great thing if it was going to be replaced by something better and had some strategic strength, its not. The Labour Party was and is institutionally an imperialist and racist and colonial thing, but at the same time it does open a problematic but nevertheless left-field space of politics in this country that can be strategically and more so tactically to the benefit of a decolonial anti-imperialist socialist cause. This is about to be totally wiped out. Corbyn could have done so much to buck this trajectory, remember he could have joined the anti-tory anti-austerity alliance offered to him by the SNP, Plaid and the Greens, he rejected that offer and walked away from it. Why? Cos he and his iner circle had this plan which you are seeing wreak havoc.

Anyway, although the coming total historical wipe out of the LP/PLP means further problems for Black, immigrant communities and potential of anti-imperialism in England, our challenges are made more awkward and harder by this political fall out, but the central and growing challenges remains 2: 1, building local community resistance preparation against growing racism and far right attacks, and 2, build a broadest possible united front on a minimal program of defending immigrant and Black communities and opposing the rise of the far right.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm