Wednesday, 28 June 2017


Due to the nature of imperialist media, news and 'social' media many have a tendency to jump from one issue to another day by day or hour by hour which can often push against connecting these issues together. In the last month and year we have serious high profile racist attacks on Jo Cox, Arek Jozwik, Samsam Haji Ali, the terrorist attacks especially at Manchester and London Bridge whereby Salman Abedi and Radwouan perpetrators acts point to collusion from the British state in relation to Libya and Syria; we have the police murders against Mohammad Yassar Yaqub, more recently Edir Frederico Da Costa AKA Edson and of course the Grenfell state massacre. Much of this rise of racism is through the prism of brexit that encapsulates and promotes contemporary British racism and fascist ideas and mass communities. And there are many many other examples of serious incidents of oppressions.

Then we have the British state conducting even more massive acts and projects of oppression in scale, depth and reach in Libya, Syria, Yemen and dozens of other counties more covertly.

Too many of us are just failing to connect the dots, and failing to do so directly means we don't gather the people together more effectively and in greater numbers because people are failing to see the direct connections.

While some people will be more motivated to mobilise on one or two things, on a practical level this is understandable but on a level of strategy, critical analysis and struggle, there is a problem of ghettoising issues when they should be "uniting the many against the few " (Mao) against the common enemy.

It's a bit heartbreaking to see people move away from Grenfell to something else now, or people not even focusing on British state Islamophobia and collusion with terrorism, and so on.

The British state is a colonial, capitalism and imperialist system, it exploits and oppresses people and the planet, it moves against everything in one singular project of Britishness and Britain, why are we in endless divisions and not building serious bridges to unite people and issues against the common enemy?

I understand these developments are happening fast and it tends to be a bit dizzying, bit frankly we need serious people working hard in the struggle because these incidents have been and going to continue to increase because the imperialist system is in deepening crises and can only create more crises as an 'answer' to its crises because it is predicated on a viciously genocidal capitalism colonial system.

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