Sunday, 30 July 2017


Internalisation of depression and defeatism into Black & Brown Radicalism

When we look back and reflect and talk about the legacies and histories of the anti-colonial anti-imperialist resistance and victories of the last century and more we see and feel concepts and images that are empowering, liberating, full of revolutionary determination and sacrifice, defiance and courage, political terms like 'Black Power', 'Bolshevik', 'freedom fighters', 'Resistance', Intifada, Inqilab: these are all brazenly positive things as well as the endless personification of all these things that inspire us.

Of course there is also another side of trauma, hurt, loss, pain, torture of profound proportions, and these things need focus and healing and not to be shunted. And while we do enjoy those positive liberating concepts, peoples and martyrs, concepts and ideologies and legacies, I am not sure that we are really implementing hardly any of this in actuality in our struggles today.

Reflecting on many things including #Grenfell, including the police killings of our peoples, and especially the destruction of Libya, Iraq and Yemen in recent years and the near total absence of solidarity with these peoples and Homelands of ours, I see a clear political defeatism and depression that seems to have become embedded.

When one of our brothers is killed by the pigs, its like we are on auto-pilot to get understandably very upset, traumatised and emotional, but we also seem to accept from the outset that while we might chant 'no justice no peace', actually the enemy the british state is at peace and we basically know we will never get justice. We seem to already accept hardly before we have even tried that we will be slugging it out for many many many years and decades before there is any real even response from the enemy to their crime, and we enter into a largely powerless and non-strategic campaign that says it is for justice, but actually nearly all our campaigns taken in sum total have next to no victories as we we are failing and have failed until now to be determined to build an actual political movement of many strands that *increases* our capacity towards justice; rather than building that capacity we seem to wander aimlessly but nevertheless very busily to nowhere without building increasingly organised forces in our community.

I see the pictures of great torturous anguish and pain of those who have loved their loved one to the pigs here, I have also held many a mother and grandmother in my arms crying their tears dropping on my shoulders in Palestine, Lebanon and Libya from those who have lost their sons and grandsons to the British state's direct or indirect crimes that killed them. In Palestine, Lebanon and Libya they are traumatised and devastated, indeed they have in some cases lost their entire Homeland as well as loved ones, but because their people and others in the world have made the hard work, determination, the *discipline* of activity and education and ideological learning, this has meant they HAVE liberation organisations that are the means by which they can achieve little victories along the way to bigger victories.

THIS is why Malcolm X, and then Stokely Carmicahel / Kwame Ture and others incessantly encouraged the Black Liberation Movement to learn from the Chinese, Vietnamese and Africa liberation movements as Malcolm and others said THEY are showing us the ideologies and organisational structures and strategy and tactics as to how we are to get out freedom. But Malcolm and Stokely were dedicated to building exactly that and they both did to differing successes and failures, but the main point was that they really focused on doing what needed to be done to build and escalate the struggle.

Nowawdays, it pains me so much to see how weak we are, and it seems very clear we have internalised the politics of defeat and depression, based on the growing defeats and depressions we have been facing as migrant, Black and Brown communities for the last some 3 decades. It doesn't help that many use these campaigns as means to access money, sex and position, this culture of corruption has also weaved itself and is gaining from the depressed and defeated state of our politics. We die and get traumatised, someone sees a opening for some bullshit funding bid from the enemy. A massive proverbial broom needs to come and sweep away this mess, in Greek mythology it was Hercules who cleansed the Aegean Stables in a single day, we need a similarly Herculean struggle to clear the filth and scum from our communities and political ranks.

We are headed for riots, we are seeing small riots, the pressure of our oppressions is building and it is going to blow. We are headed for a very messy and God forbid bloody mad moment, which like Aug 2011 will see thousands again go into the prisons without any real move forward for our struggle. We are sleep walking into further massive pain, while we are screaming actually and symbolically for justice but the screaming is what is ricocheting around in our minds, a traumatising, and even more depressing and defeated collapse in our hearts and minds and communities. When will that new leadership emerge, when will the new political forces who will 'make straight that which is crooked' (Dr King) come on the scene and start changing the pace and determination of us?


Earlier this year trump threatened war with China, China said let's have it then: trump retreated and was defeated in that confrontation. Today President Xi wore his fatigues as leader of the People's Liberation Army that celebrates 90 glorious years, the revolutionary army that started with the poor peasants and workers, that forged a formidable anti feudal anti imperialist movement under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, all salutations to Mao for achieving and leading the greatest revolution ever. Today China shows it is fast readying itself for the inevitable defence of its people and peoples project of independence, peoples centred development and socialism: it is readying itself for the massive war of destruction that the usa is planning. The PLA is the world's PLA in the sense that it will fight and be the most promising fight to defeat that possibly the final war of imperialism: God willing, Communist China and PLA willing: we will win.

Thursday, 27 July 2017


Finally, Brexit left are on the defensive, but it was whites who got them on the defensive. Corbyn since 24 june last year has had a hard brexit position, he has increasingly scape-goated immigrants for problems of working conditions and housing in britain. At 630am on the morning of the 24th june 2016 which was the brexit victory at the referendum corbyn demanded 'triggering article 50 immediately', this was a demand not *only* shared by the far right. What followed after was one of the strangest and politically corrupt moments I have ever seen, nothing close to the sell out and corruption over the Nato war on Libya that most lefties supported, but still: people were so deluded by corbyn and the labour party that they, including and especially Black and Brown activists, self censored themselves into near total silence about corbyn's hard brexit position.

Corbyn gave three parliamentary guarantees to the tories' brexit: silence from the left. Corbyn increasingly demonised and scape-goated migrants, his rhetoric has become increasingly racist to the point now it is in many parts largely indistinguishable from ukip and nigel farage. But still throughout all this, the white left have denied any racism in brexit, and have allowed themselves to wallow in the current rising racist and fascist atmosphere. The sell out of the white left to corbyn's hard brexit racism has silenced most Black and Brown activists, many if not most of whom are and were salivating on the political sidelines for some scraps that corbyn and his camp might throw at them, and others have eaten at the colonial crumbs that corbyn and his camp have flicked across to them. All the while, corbyn and keir starmer and co are now openly campaigning against freedom of movement. And openly racist project.

More recently, it has been sections of the british ruling class that understand brexit to be the total disaster that it clearly is going to be that have raised concerns about corbyn's rejection of the single market and freedom of movement. Many factions of the he ruling classes are split, and increasingly so on a number of things, but the ruling classes within the british ruling class are split on brexit. Many factions of the ruling class support brexit, and even the right wing uk nationalist media are recently reporting positively on corbyn reflecting their endorsement of his loyalty to a hard brexit.  Migrant labour has since medieval times and before been fundamental to this island's economy, and that remains even more the case in these times. Certain sections of the ruling class who are against brecit have used their media to expose Corbyn's far right positions. This *not* migrants in political circles have managed to raise the debate clearly and directly towards corbyn and his camp.

What does this say? It says that the political dependency on the 'white man' and on the white colonial left is higher than ever amongst Black and Brown activists; that Black and Brown activists and voices have failed to give political defence to the very basic human and civil rights of themselves and the more precarious and oppressed newer poorer migrants here; that it exposes the depth of political and actual corruption of Black and Brown circles; that Black and Brown circles are in a very low political place perhaps the lowest political capacity and position that they have been in living memory. And even now that the ruling class factions have used their media to develop a critical debate from the left against corbyn, Black n Brown circles are *still* largely quiet, complacent, and silencing themselves. A very sorry state of affairs. But these circles we are in cannot even do the absolute A B C basic things of strategic organising when it comes to the British state's destruction of our Homelands (Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Yemen etc), they cannot do it for Grenfell either. We need a new generation of courageous hardworking organisers who are not seeking constant validation from corbyn and his colonial white left money and position.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017


The British state & govt seem to be provoking a riot, what's our strategic response? Look at the total conceit and arrogance in the way they have treated our people at Grenfell, and then police killing after police killing with brothers Edson and Rashan and before Mohammed Yaqub and countless others we don't hear about. Last night was small skirmishes between Black and Brown people and the riot police in relation to the killing of brother Rashan by a pig [1].

This is a screen-grab from a armed police response to some brothers in a car on an estate [2]. The neighbours came out in disgust and opposition, but the incident reflects in its stark and violent symbolism the situation that we are in. The oppression of Black and Brown and migrant communities is developing, racism is developing, the war against women, girls and children is developing with police and other state institutions that we know are guilty of organised child and general sex abuse and murder are openly getting away with it, while the war against women, girls and children continues in the media and internalised amongst our communities, while the British state helps to destroy further and keep weak and destabilised Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Somalia and other places: it all seems clearly that the state is very happy to dump us into this oppression, the state is confident in its position, it is content with the state of near total unpreparedness and near total absence of grassroots pressure and strategic building from us and our communities.

Grenfell shows that the state locally and nationally are not at all bothered by a relatively small group of our community who have or had the potential to turn the justice cause for Grenfell into a mighty grassroots anti-racist pro-migrant working class tsunami against the system, but the state is safe in their position that Grenfell has no momentum behind it and that the state feels Grenfell is a more or less permanently pacified situation.

Our communities were plunged deeper into the oppressive morass after the events of August 2011 [3], which is still in many of our minds. The uprising was just, but the net result was negative for us on all fronts except that it was a messy event that many people in our community have learnt from, you can hear self critical reflections of is in the comments of the supporters and friends of brother Edson on their protests a few weeks ago when they are trying to develop their militant direct action more intelligently and strategically.

However, our response to our oppression, our response to our peoples injury and death remains negligible when it comes to developing the absolute basics of how to mobilise and organise and build a capacity in struggle that can start to meet our challenges.

Our youth have no organisations that they are developing in regards to this, and the supposed radical and radical left circles are nearly wholly absent in meeting these challenges also. The individuals who potentially could start to build something are deciding that they are not going to work together and build anything that our peoples actually need in the struggle, and are deciding to be content and complacent in specific relation to the challenge of building a real struggle. There is a clear political industry of corruption that has made a deep rot in political circles whereby too many a depdendent on the culture of state and semi-state funding, that people do for money and not love and serving our peoples. The very few very bright, courageous and brave young revolutionaries I have seen emerge this last decade have all dropped out due to their own mistakes, bullying, and the general sectarian and corrupt nature of the left, the white left, and even non-white radical circles.

We are headed for another riot, the pressure is building, the government and state is preparing for it by constantly pushing us towards the edge, by its constant use of racism through brexit, against Muslims, against Black people, against migrants.

We have enormous challenges before us, there is a near absence of really focusing on our weaknesses in order to remedy that and develop what our peoples and communities here really deserve, and also to develop a struggle here against this colonial state in defence of our peoples in our Homelands. Another riot is coming, like August 2011 thousands will go to the courts and prison system (there were no defence campaigns post August 2011), another generations of families will be even more traumatised. After another riot, we continue to sink deeper into our problems, why don't we work harder, work more in a united way so that the pain we go through these struggles is lessened and the aims and little victories along the way to total justice is expanded?

[1] See footage here:

[2] See footage:

[3] Documentary I made on the August 2011 events - 'Insight to Riot'


I don't comment much on India's internal affairs as Britain is the world's greatest enemy that has to be opposed. But I will say something very clear: in-line with a struggle against imperialism and for land to the tiller and socialism, in-line with a radical women's liberation path as well as total rejection of casteism and racism and classism: any Indian who considers themselves decent and a human must vigilantly defend Muslims and Africans by any means necessary and other oppressed groups from any attacks from supremacist forces who are using and abusing Hinduism, just like other supremacist forces use and abuse other faiths and ideologies.

I will always stand with India and its people and the state like any other global south country in every contradiction against imperialism, however the mad supremacists administering India currently and with their global fascist allies are scuppering the important BRICS strategy that has taken a massive hit in recent years, India's self defeating and highly foolish rejection of cooperating with China's New Silk Road Asian megaproject is one of many examples of this foolishness.

This post should be seen to in no way to deflect from opposing the British leading number one genocidal state in the world, and too many people refuse to focus on humanity's number one enemy (British imperialism) and in their cowardly posture go on about anyone else but the Brits and the 'west', but I also need to make it crystal clear that I stand with the oppressed in India, we have achieved some really amazing achievements in our very short independence since 1947, but many things have been reversing this last few decades and the challenges of a sweeping anti caste, pro women and girls, pro tribals, revolutionary movement against imperialism and for socialism - basically Mao's model of the New Democratic Revolution - in India is increasingly desperately required.

Anyone who knows me and my family knows I am the fourth generation directly in my family who stays loyal to these ethics, and my family will forever stay loyal to these challenges in the generations to come until final victory over imperialism.

Monday, 24 July 2017



The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine salutes the masses of the Palestinian people on the occasion of the martyrdom of our comrade, Yousef Aziz Kashour, 19, of the village of Abu Dis east of Jerusalem, who was slain by occupation forces on Saturday, July 22 during confrontations with the Zionist occupation in Abu Dis in defense of Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa.

The PFLP salutes the martyr and confirms that he is descended from a struggling family in al-Saadia neighborhood, a neighborhood of the old city of occupied Jerusalem. He has been involved in national struggle and resistance to occupation since his youngest days. He joined the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and was given membership at an earlier age due to his dedication and commitment. He was responsible for the Front in his village and then assumed responsibility for the media activities, including maintaining the local social media accounts of the Front in Abu Dis, in addition to his activity in youth organizations.

The martyr was characterized by his high morals, commitment, bravery and courage. He was determined never to desert a confrontation with the occupation and to continually resist the occupation soldiers who attempt to invade the area with stones and Molotov cocktails. His bravery in the arena of confrontation and his appearance in the red kuffiyeh became an image of interest in the media, including international press, and of pride for the Palestinian people.

The martyred comrade developed these qualities amid his struggling family, including his father, a longtime Palestinian national struggler with a serious injury to his hand. His father was imprisoned by the occupation under a life sentence until he was freed in the 1985 prisoner exchange agreement. His uncle and many of his family members were killed, wounded and imprisoned defending Jerusalem and Palestine.

The Front expresses its deepest condolences to the family of the martyr and his friends and comrades in Abu Dis, Jerusalem and all of its neighborhoods on the occasion of his martyrdom. It pledges to remain committed to the same principles and values of national liberation that the martyr held dear, and to struggle until the achievement of the right of our people to return to their homeland and the full liberation of Palestine from the river to the sea.

Glory to the martyrs, and victory is inevitable!


Tuesday, 4 July 2017


The #Grenfell state massacre of up to around 500 people and the state oppression after it is the biggest direct attack on Black & Brown and migrant people in this country: ever. There are certain watershed moments in history where a moment/incident defines a totally new era, that was June 14/15 of the Grenfell state massacre and the aftermath. Why haven't the most radical sections of the Black and Brown left and radical circles along with their most reliable white comrades and organisations united for justice?

The condition and capacity of the Black/Brown radical left is tiny, but put together they are many scores and even hundreds of people. Many of them don't talk to each other or worse, many don't work together but despite these divisions no one has even tried to bring together a federation of solidarity to directly assist justice for the martyrs and survivors and community of Grenfell.

It's a collective shame on us including myself that we have continued with the divisive situation. Why haven't all the most radical active migrant organisations been brought together and agreed that despite our differences, and even if we don't especially want to work with each other directly that there are some things that are just incomparably much bigger than our petty nonsense, and that we should agree on a basic minimum program for Grenfell that would include something like:

1, we all go to our respective areas and estates and organise one public meeting every 6 weeks on the specifics of Grenfell keeping all the struggle and campaign issues alive and educate and mobilise our communities, that

2, we report all this on a centralised social media platform, that

3, we demand the arrest and imprisonment of RBKC senior staff, Tory housing ministers, head of KTMO etc,

4, that we mobilise twice a year a national rally to show force and to mobilise our communities and

5, that we agree that people should organise strategic direct actions.

These are just some ideas and I am sure some of them need tweaking and changing and there might be other good ideas that I haven't stated and if you have some ideas please put them in the thread. If anything, it looks and feels that actually considerable sections and factions of the radical Black and Brown left have demobilised and gone quiet comparatively to the proportion of the state crime at Grenfell. This is not to take away the very hard work, the love and dedication and commitment that activists and neighbours have shown, they are inspiring and their defiance in asserting their and our martyr's humanity has been deeply moving. At the same time and aside from that, some of us who are long distance and long term committed activists against the British state have to be brutally honest about where we are what the challenges are if we are serious in developing our capacity in our liberation struggle.


This article appeared recently in the mainstream media about the exploitation and oppression of migrants at the crass capitalist commercial music city of 'Glastonbury'. I have for many years argued that many big music festivals are institutionally racist and classist, and of course with all the sexual assaults that happens there, they are anti women/girls. Music festivals is part of the colonial privatisation of music and culture, its big money oriented towards the middle and upper classes and Glastonbury is one of the biggest manifestations of this. British society is an unofficial apartheid state, and Britain and the 'west' are the colonial settlement on the planet, they make the planet a global apartheid. #Grenfell, as with this article, opens up the defacto apartheid in which we live: we have a massive migrant community, especially the newer poorer more oppressed migrants servicing this country be it in the form of the invisibilised migrant workers exploited by Glastonbury and the 'revellers', or the London economy which is reliant on global colonial exploitation and domestic migrant labour that forms the backbone of our society and which directly services through exploitation the more affluent members of our society.

The left is wholly loyal to the imperialist system and the equivalent of the colonial settlers here which are the upper and richer sections of the working class often involved in anti-migrant trade union movement. Like in Australia, Palestine, the Americas the oppressed colonial subjects ie., migrant communities have their independence taken away by colonial assimilationist concepts such as 'Australian', 'British', 'American' when actually we are *victims* of Britishness etc.

Corbyn spoke some hypocritical words to the Glasto crowds about "building bridges" when he is a hard brexit leader, while 1,000s of migrant labourers were being exploited at Glasto for the benefit of settlers or 'revellers', while countless women and girls were sexually assaulted there, while drug dealers and sexual exploiters were hard at work at the festival, while a parasitic, decadent colonial culture that is festival culture continues to be normalised and promoted.


Western-based Marxism Leninism and Maoism is long dead. Maoism in the west after the radical third world struggles that Mao/China used to support fast became westernised hyper-sectarian grouplets playing out in an irrelevant micro-level the worst spats that Mao had with other revolutionary leftist countries and leaders. It's long become utterly detached from Mao's and the Chinese leaderships wise leadership despite mistakes and just become embarrassing fools that posture on the death and injury of a few armed pro Mao movements left in the world. What's left of the old Maoists in Britain is that they have all descended into uk nationalism in supporting brexit or have collapsed into supporting imperialist neo-liberal social democracy of corbyn.

Those groups that define themselves as Marxist Leninist are just as bad if not worse. The near entire western based MLs have sold out to their respective right wing nationalisms when it comes to Europe. In Europe nearly all the MLs support the uk nationalist project of brexit, many of the espouse clearly far right nonsense like that in Sweden where they campaign to deport immigrants, or in the case of Britain the 'cpgbml' have out done many MLs in their racism and nationalism by supporting the UK union at the Scottish referendum, brexit and even trump as a 'international victory over imperialism' I kid you not.

In the 'usa' the biggest micro groups who self define as ML are deep in bed with the far right fascists, for e.g. you can see leading members of the 'psl' being leading voices in the fascist platform 'Sputnik', and much of self defined MLs are deep in alliances with an array of far right and fascist and even neo-nazi forces and voices.

Western Trotskyist's have been a total irrelevancy since the 1940s but for their service to imperialism in campaigning against every single revolutionary movement anywhere. However, while the ussr and Mao's China was around the western Maoists and MLs had something useful to give, especially the African and Asian Maoists and MLs that include Paul Robeson, Claudia Jones, Harry Haywood, Manchanda and Amiri Baraka / Leroi Jones. Since the demise of Mao, USSR and these figures, and in the context of no clear and direct global socialist anti imperialist leadership, the westerners have descended back more or less into selling out to racism and imperialist nationalism.

Currently there remains no clear global socialist anti imperialist leadership, the closest we came to that in the recent past was Gaddafi's projects in Africa and to the Black and Brown communities in the west, and Chavez's messy political leadership that never really was very clear and distilled. This all being the case what remains and passes as Maoist and ML grouplets in the 'west' will continue to be confused and divided and divide further while they continue to collapse into a post modern type social media micro ghettoes that remind one of the wackiest 1960s squat / drug / sexual exploitation / promiscuity collectives: profoundly disconnected to actual oppressed communities, weird contrived workerism, obsessions with and open addictions and even promotion of porn and drugs and recruiting those who often lack basic social skills.

An English white comrade who I respect asked me recently if I was a communist. I replied that I believe in the end of all exploitation and oppression of man against humans and nature, and that means an end to classes and yes: I believe in a world without classes and exploitation. However, that struggle has to come through reality and actual peoples struggles and using revolutionary frameworks that do not exist at all in these self defined micro groups.

If Latin America in this last two decades until today has failed to give any leadership globally, its likely that we will perhaps not see a clear global leadership for a very very long time and perhaps never, but the contradictions of the imperialist system continue to push people towards fascism and indirectly and unintentionally towards resistance. Interesting things come out of all this, but not what's in the minds of the westernised far left fantasists.

This all being said: Mao and MLism are very important revolutionary theories for people to master in the struggle against the west as well as the many other ideologies and revolutionary legacies and histories. Mao's works are important frameworks especially for 'third world' revolutionary struggles, and MLism encompasses many aspect and areas of revolutionary organisation, strategy and a stinging and militant understanding and critique of capitalism, colonialism, imperialism and racism and imperialist nationalism.